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Join us for SharkFest'24 US (June 15-20 at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks, Fairfax, VA) and learn with the best plus network with your peers!

Register before March 29th to receive a 10% early bird discount. Bundles are available in all combinations.

Registration Fee
SharkFest Only$1095
Pre-Conference I$895
Pre-Conference II$695


SharkFest attendees hone their skills in the art of packet analysis by attending lecture and lab-based sessions delivered by the most seasoned experts in the industry. Wireshark core code contributors also gather during the conference days to enrich and evolve the tool to maintain its relevance in ensuring the productivity of modern networks.

SharkFest Conference
DatesJune 18-20
Who should attend?Anyone interested in furthering their packet analysis skills!

Pre-conference class I

Throughout this course, we are going to look at real-world examples of how to practically use Wireshark to solve network problems and isolate cybersecurity incidents. This skill will help AllOps (NetOps, SecOps, DevOps) engineers to improve in their analysis and troubleshooting skills. Labs have been designed to give real-world, hands-on experience with protocols using Wireshark.

Core Wireshark Skills for Network Engineers and Security Pros
DatesJune 15-16
InstructorChris Greer and Ross Bagurdes
Who should attend?Wireshark can be intimidating. I remember how it felt when I first started looking at a trace file with Wireshark. Questions started flooding into my mind: What should I look for? Where do I start? How can I find the packets that matter? What filters should I use? What is 'normal' and what can I ignore in all this data? I froze under the weight of all the detail in the packets. If you have ever felt that way when looking at a pcap, this is the course for you!

Pre-conference class II

The filtering capabilities in Wireshark are very flexible and powerful and have been significantly enhanced with the release of Wireshark 4.0. In this masterclass, your filtering skills will be taken to the next level. We will start with the basic operators and work our way through the more advanced filtering techniques like how to use display filter macros, dynamic filters (in combination with filter buttons), filtering arithmetics, regular expressions, etc. There will also be a comparison with using (advanced) BPF filters for filtering while capturing or post-processing pcap files.

Wireshark Filtering Masterclass
DatesJune 17
InstructorSake Blok
Who should attend?This course is for all Wireshark users (whether in Networking, Application, System or Security roles), who want to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in using Wireshark by mastering all the filtering capabilities of Wireshark. This course is at an intermediate to advanced level, students should be proficient with using basic filtering in Wireshark and have a general idea of the protocols they encounter in their network work.

Cancellation Policy

DatesRefund Amount
Until May 26th, 2024Full Refund (Minus $100 fee)
May 26th, 2024 or laterNo refund